Venue Driver Frequently Asked Questions

Venue Driver is a living, breathing, constantly evolving product. Thus, on occasion, questions do arise that aren't explicitly covered in the existing documentation.

Does Venue Driver recommend a specific web browser?

No and yes. No, since Venue Driver has been extensively tested with most popular browsers and performs to specifications under most of them. Yes, since we coded Venue Driver to be standards-compliant, and unfortunately Internet Explorer on Windows breaks those standards. Microsoft refuses to standardize and we cannot hope to be fully compatible with their closed set of standards, so in reality, we cannot fully guarantee performance under Internet Explorer. Venue Driver will work under this browser, but some elements might not display properly, and web-based chit printing will not function. Therefore, for the full Venue Driver experience, we do recommend our Windows users install and utilize Firefox by the Mozilla organization. In addition to excellent Venue Driver operation, your overall experience on the web will be much more enjoyable.

Does Venue Driver recommend a specific operating system?

Not at all. We will gladly assist you whether you are using OS X, any variant of Linux, or Windows.

What is Ticket Driver?

Ticket Driver is the ticketing "face" of Venue Driver. For organizational reasons, all client ticketing pages "live" under the Ticket Driver domain, an SSL-secured site for secure ticket purchases.

How about mobile devices?

Venue Driver will operate under most mobile browsers, including Mobile Safari, Chrome for Android, and Mobile Internet Explorer with each of these browsers displaying a stripped-down interface for mobile use. Two exceptions here are Mobile Safari on the iPad, which will display the standard web interface, owing to iPad's large screen, as well as the new Mercury Browser, which is an iOS browser which can emulate common desktop computer browsers, which means the standard Venue Driver UI can be "forced" to display on an iPhone. In addition, owners of iOS devices can download our app from the Apple App Store. This app enables quick access to check-in functions and ticket scanning (with a Venue Driver-supplied scanning attachment for the iPod touch) all from a convenient app that is free of charge to Venue Driver account holders.

What is the best way to reach your support team?

We've just premiered our new support tracking site at where our clients can submit pertinent issues to our support staff. The advantage of this system is that clients can track their open issues and have a managed dialog with our support team, rather than relying on unwieldily email chains. Venue Driver Support goes social, in essence.

Is there a "list" of events Venue Driver is selling tickets for somewhere?

No, there is not. Venue Driver LLC is not a ticketing company in the traditional sense. We provide a ticketing solution direct to venues and promotion companies, who then integrate their Venue Driver-hosted ticketing pages with their existing websites. We are "white label", in the sense that we allow the venue to brand the ticketing as their own, without the inconvenience and associated sharing of data prevalent amongst legacy ticketing companies. Our core belief is that our client's data belongs to them and them only, and thus a "listing" site of all of our ticketed events would be in conflict with this.

Can Venue Driver help me market my event or venue?

Unfortunately we are not the event marketing business, again, since we do not engage in the sharing of our client's valuable data. However, in the near future, we will be introducing features which allow our clients to push event listings and ticketed events right from their Venue Driver account to popular social networking sites.

Is there email or SMS blast functionality in Venue Driver?

Not at this time, no. We currently do not offer this feature. We are exploring several options with established email marketing firms to offer connectivity to one of their services.

I wish to sell tickets in (country) where my venue is located

If you are located in the United States or Canada, we can gladly set you up with an account to do so. In the near future, we will be offering ticket sales capability to the UK and European markets. We can offer the rest of Venue Driver's functionality to anyone in the world, however. Ticketing requires us to establish infrastructure in a territory to comply with banking regulations.

Can Venue Driver power my venue's website and social media presence?

Yes, it can. Many of our existing clients have their event listings, ticketing, VIP reservation forms, and guestlist signups powered by Venue Driver. We have a team of employees ready to integrate your existing site with a rapid turnaround time. Also, our team can design and deploy custom Facebook and Twitter applications which will connect your venue's social media presence to your Venue Driver account. The advantage to integration is that now, your Venue Driver account suddenly becomes a "data siphon", with each and every bit of data gathered by your website being input into Venue Driver itself, ready for analysis exporting for marketing purposes. Existing account holders can contact their Venue Driver rep, and potential new clients can email our sales team for information on this exciting new feature.

I sold tickets for an event, and it is now canceled. What are my options?

You must immediately contact your Venue Driver representative to discuss refunds or rescheduling options. If you fail to contact your representative within 72 hours of an event cancellation, you will be held liable for any chargebacks that may come across as a result of this.

Do you guys combat fraud on my behalf? I really don't know how to deal with the credit card companies.

Of course. Part of what we do is we make sure that all of your ticket sales are legitimate. If we find fraudulent sales, we cooperate fully with the credit card companies to resolve the situation on your behalf.

How about frivolous chargebacks on tickets?

Our very detailed Terms and Conditions allow us to block frivolous chargebacks. A vindictive customer need not worry you. Customers also cannot chargeback for non-entry or falsified non-entry due to our scanning and redemption systems.

I wish to resell your service, can I?

We are always interested in hearing from potential new affiliates. Plese contact our sales team to discuss.

I am an artist, and wish to sell my own branded tickets for all my events, can I?

Yes, we already work with several world-renowned artists who run their ticket sales and customer data through Venue Driver. The explicit advantage here is that the artist can market directly to his or her customers, without having to go through the hassle of contacting a ticketing company which most often shares data with affiliates, advertisers, and so forth. As an artist, your data is yours and yours alone when you work with Venue Driver. We build your "system" with your success in mind. The public sees it as yours and yours alone.

I do not own a venue but I produce events at several venues, can Venue Driver help me?

Yes, we offer several custom plans for the independent event producer. Since you are the client, your data remains yours no matter which venue you are producing an event at. The venue cannot ask us to provide them with your data. We work with several world-renowned event producers already, and would be glad to work with you.

Do you guys offer hands-on training?

All the time. On a regular basis, our representatives and technical staff travel to client venues, no matter how large or small, anywhere in the world, to offer hands-on instruction and training for venue owners, managers, and staff. We'll even work with you while a live event is in progress to ensure everyone knows how to best use Venue Driver. Contact your Venue Driver representative to schedule a training session. Also, for existing clients, we strongly encourage and recommend follow-up training sessions in the case of staff turnover at your venue.

OK, this looks great, how much does this cost?

We do not publish pricing since we tailor our service to each client individually. But without revealing too much, the cost is so low, any venue or event producer can afford it.

Where are you guys located?

We are headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, with technical staff around the world for your convenience.

English is not my primary language, will you be localizing Venue Driver?

Definitely. One of our ongoing projects is to translate Venue Driver into whichever language best suits our clients.

Is Venue Driver open-source?

Yes. Venue Driver's development team utilizes and actively contributes to the open-source community with our efforts. Being open-source adds to our agility, as we are not tied down to the development schedules of monolithic legacy corporations.

Do you guys have redundancy and backup plans?

Definitely. Venue Driver is the world's first nightlife application to be located "in the cloud". With our current arrangement with several well-know cloud service providers, Venue Driver has no one critical point of failure, and several methods of load balancing and backup. Freed from the constraints of an actual physical server in a data center or colo facility, Venue Driver's take on the world of cloud computing ensures our clients will receive the most robust service in the industry.

How long have you guys been around?

Venue Driver as a distinct entity has been around since 2007. However, before then, our team built and developed unnamed services for individual nightlife and event services clients for many years before that. This knowledge, we transferred into building Venue Driver, the world's first platform-agnostic and cloud-based web service for nightlife and event services professionals.

Who's behind all this?

Drop us a line by emailing us and we'll tell you all about who we are. With our combined experience in nightlife, software engineering and internet services, we think you'll be impressed. Let's just say most of us were working with the web when most of your customers were in primary school.

Can I get a demo?

Of course. Our sales team will gladly conduct a screen-sharing demo at your convenience.
Contact them today!

I think feature "x" should be in Venue Driver.

Many of our most innovative features have come from our actual client base. Tell us what you want to see, and we'll get to work!